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improving positional accuracy in ESRI ArcGIS

Positional accuracy improvement campaigns are currently undertaken by many of the European national mapping agencies. The availability of highly accurate positional information from GPS allows for the transformation of the existing cadastral or topographic base maps to the WGS84/ETRS89 reference systems.

While the long term benefit of this step to an improved absolute accuracy is obvious, many users will now have to deal with integration problems when superimposing the updated base maps with their existing data.

To help you out in such situations we offer the geodetic adjustment and positional accuracy improvement (PAI) component KATHOM.

KATHOM is implemented as a generic extension to ESRI ArcGIS and can be used for the adjustment of arbitrary ArcGIS Features. Furthermore, KATHOM can also be used as a PAI component for the 3A Land Management products of AED-SICAD.

Besides its superior adjustment component, KATHOM includes all necessary functions for PAI updates of primary base maps (e.g. cadastral) as well as the consecutive update of associated user data, e.g. utility networks or environmental data:

  • Automatic feature matching of existing and updated map geometries (determine shift vectors).

  • Automatic snooping and verification of geometrical constraints (straight lines, perpendicular lines, arcs, angles, distances, parallels).

  • Simultaneous least squares adjustment of shift vectors and geometrical constraints, leading to consistent coordinates preserving the relative accuracy and intrinsic geometric relations of your data.

For further information on KATHOM please contact us via Email info@kathom.de .


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